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NO. 404


Birth of a Trolley Substation

Listed as Historic Cultural Monument #404 by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission as the Los Angeles Railway Huron Substation, the building was built in 1906 from a design by engineer Edward S. Cobb.  It is the second oldest surviving substation in the city which housed equipment to convert high-voltage electricity supplied by the Edison Company to the 600 volts current used by the L.A. Railways “Yellow Cars,” providing urban transportation for many years.


“Gem of Northeast Los Angeles”

National Association of Realtors Commercial

Time Machine Blog

I've Been Shot

The substation has lent its character to numerous film locations for feature film and television shoots, such as “Secretary”, “Must Love Dogs”, “Fast & Furious”, “Catwoman”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Date Night”, “Heroes”, ``NCIS``, ``Major Crimes`` and many pilots.


The Huron Substation in Los Angeles can be a photo location for photographing catalogs (fashion, home wares, furniture), editorial, portraits, car shoots, and shoots utilizing beautiful natural light. We have hosted such magazines as: GQ, Vogue and Maxim.


One of the best and most unique warehouse locations in Los Angeles, for film and photo shoots. The Huron SubStation is an historic trolley substation with arched windows, vintage brick, high ceilings, drive in doors, and both modern and industrial sophistication.

We book film and photo location jobs for features, car shoots, commercials, work out videos, music videos. television shows, catalogue shoots, magazine editorial, and fashion and furniture catalogs.

We have a variety of details and looks that translate on film as:


Napa Vineyard


Workout Studio


Artist Studio

Evil Lair

Bachelor Pad

Vintage Location

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