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Huron SubStation – Bespoke Unisex Eau de Parfum

1906 - An Ode to the Huron SubStation
1906 Eau de Parfum

Huron SubStation – Bespoke Unisex Eau de Parfum

When you visit the Huron SubStation you are likely to be introduced to a number of broad spectrum scents, they emanate from every corner. There are scented candles and perfume bottles everywhere. Each bathroom has a selection of room sprays based on ancient mythology (ancient Egyptian, ancient native American, ancient Incan and ancient Hindu) and on the shelf by my desk, there’s a small library of scents from my favorite perfumers.

I live and work at the substation and within these vintage walls you’ll find my laboratory for 3 fragrance lines: Intoxicants, Lux Aeterna and Manifest Destiny.  It’s no wonder that I wanted to design a fragrance based on the beauty and intrigue of this building. Thus the eau de parfum “1906” was created: an ode to the historic Huron Trolley Substation and the ingenuity of the early twentieth century in Los Angeles. An eccentric scent that calls upon the ghosts of old trolley cars, the bricks that surround us in our historic building, and the tobacco and hay scents, prevalent of that era. These scents are followed by the leather bellows of a folding camera and end with the floral melody of roses, wafting down from the nearby city of Pasadena, and lastly the Cypress trees for which Cypress Park was named after.

I am taking this time during the pandemic to pause my other fragrance companies and work to evolve this scent of “1906” as it means something different to me now. I am letting go of this beauty, the building (it’s for sale) and plan, not only to give a bottle of 1906 to the new owner, but, also, to carry a bottle with its scent memory, with me, moving forward. It’s little projects like these that greatly excite me. 

Richly Scented with the Following Notes: Tobacco, Hay, Brick. 

Primary Note: Tobacco

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