Huron SubStation | EXTRA
Huron SubStation is a historic monument located just above downtown Los Angeles. It features antique brick, arched windows, large arched drive in door, a courtyard and fountain, and lush garden. It can be seen as rustic chic, sophisticated, artist loft, work out gym, design studio, fire house, etc.
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Change is an Exciting Thing

See What The Future Holds

Known for our historic presence in Cypress Park (mere blocks from the LA River, with downtown Los Angeles below us and Highland Park just above), we have been sited in features, commercials, and photo shoots. A few years back, we hosted a few weddings and by mere accident became a unique  and renown  wedding location. While the weddings have been good to us, they also require a tremendous amount of energy and focus, which has taken away from our creative endeavors.


Therefore…in 2017, we are narrowing our focus towards creative events and design projects. We will no longer be hosting weddings,  but will continue to host film  and photo shoots, as well as select number of events.



Check out our Sister Company MANIFEST DESTINY




MANIFEST DESTINY’s  design lab is located  at the HURON SUBSTATION  and its products are made in  the City of Angels. We were selected by  UCLA’s The Hammer Museum, The Center for Art & Olfaction and Luckyscent to exhibit at the Hammer Museum’s AIX Scent Fair, the first major art exhibit to view scent as art.


MANIFEST DESTINY turns the negative concept of pioneering around, into both a positive and mutual experience. Acting as a portal into a fictitious world, fragrance transcends a scent description and becomes, instead, a story “told” via a candle’s scent projection and a story in our virtual storybook.


To see more images of our product design CLICK HERE . Look for our  newest collection: LUX AETERNA  – “eternal light” in Latin. The candles are housed in glass spheres, projecting images from the past and future, their design inspired by the beauty of a hologram.



Upcoming workshops and events hosted by THE HURON SUBSTATION and MANIFEST DESTINY; from storytelling, to scent and food pairings,  to writers workshops, we plan on nothing but compelling and unique  activities for 2017 and beyond.


Of Note, we are about to launch THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SCENT, an offshoot of MANIFEST DESTINY which will sell signature fragrance products such as perfumes and scent diffusers,  and host at the SubStation – Scent Dating: Human Pairings via Scent, a revolutionary concept in finding a great match. If you would like to be included in the Dating Events – CLICK HERE!



Cowriter of the script (with the late James Robert Baker) of his critically acclaimed cult classic “BOY WONDER”.

For option/agent information, contact:



Welcoming Projects Both Large and Small


Meike Kopp has designed many of the objects in the Huron SubStation, from the 8′ round chandelier in the main room, to the wine wall, tumbleweed bar, and metal front gate.